United Veterans Committee of Colorado

Building a Better Future for Veterans

One of the main purposes of The United Veterans Committee is to represent the interests of veterans, their families, and veterans organizations at the State Legislature. The UVC is completely non-partisan in our efforts on behalf of veterans. The UVC both initiates and takes positions on bills of interest to veterans, and testifies on behalf of veterans issues at the capitol. The UVC Legislative Committee reviews all bills and resolutions that are introduced in Colorado’s General Assembly, and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and the full UVC concerning what position to take on each bill (i.e. support, monitor, oppose). One of the reasons the UVC has earned the respect of its members and of the Legislature is that the UVC Bylaws require a unanimous vote of its members at our regular monthly meeting for the UVC to take a position on a bill. So when the UVC speaks, it makes a difference!

The legislative work of the UVC is not limited to the 120 days that the Legislature is in session each year (usually from the second week of January to the second week of May). We begin by establishing and continually reviewing and revising our state and federal legislative goals, and then see if proposed legislation is consistent with those goals. We produce updated reports on bills of interest to veterans, and encourage you to take a look as you are able. We also encourage and welcome your input and involvement in making sure the voice of Colorado’s veterans are considered when our state and federal elected officials decide how they stand on issues of importance to veterans.

Dick Young, Chairman, UVC Legislative Committee

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Please review attached 20178State Legislative Goals, reviewed and accepted by the Executive Committee.