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 The UVC’s Involvement and Accomplishments in Legislation

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For over 40 years the UVC has been a recognized and respected voice with both state and federal elected officials on issues related to veterans, service members, and their families. While the UVC is a non-partisan organization, it is a very actively engaged on issues of importance to our members – over 50 veterans’ organizations, plus scores of other allied organizations concerned about veterans’ issues.

As a sample of what the UVC does by, with and for veterans, the following summarizes selected areas of state legislative accomplishments where the UVC has taken a lead lobbying role over the past several years:

  • In-state tuition at public schools of higher education for members of the military, veterans, and their dependents.

  • The transfer or continuation of professional licensure, certification or registration for members of the military, veterans and their dependents.

  • A plan for the provision of academic credit for prior learning, including military experience, and for consideration of such learning and experience for professional licensure and certification.

  • Expansion of eligibility and removal of barriers for enrollment in on line education at a 4-year public university.

  • Increases in tuition assistance for members of the Colorado National Guard.

  • Assuring that members of the military who are overseas or out of state are able to vote in a timely and confidential manner.

  • The creation and extension of a “transitional jobs” program targeting unemployed veterans and helping them achieve permanent jobs.

  • Establishment of a requirement for a set-aside of state contracts to go to service connected disabled veteran owned businesses.

  • Funding for the construction and ongoing services and needs of state community living centers (formerly called “state veterans’ nursing homes) around the state – and for the creation of state and local boards and committees to assure quality of care.

  • Passage of constitutional and statutory guarantees of veteran’s preference in the hiring of state employees.

  • Creation of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, adding a central focus to all military and veterans issues within state government.

  • Creation and ongoing appropriation of money from the “Tobacco Settlement” to provide grants to veterans service organizations through the Veterans Trust Fund.

  • Initial and ongoing funding, and permanent statutory authorization, for the Veterans Assistance Grant Program – currently providing $1 million in services to veterans.

  • Authorizing legislation and funding for the creation of “Veterans Treatment Courts” to assure that the special needs of veterans are addressed in the court system.

  • Passage of a constitutional amendment for a property tax exemption for 100% disabled veterans, and this year’s extension of that exemption to surviving spouses.

  • Funding of mental health services to family members of military personnel and veterans, and creation of a Commission to focus on suicide prevention.

  • Establishment of a homeless prevention and rehabilitation program at Ft. Lyon, with a priority on serving homeless veterans.

  • Strengthening handicapped parking statutes statewide to assure that all persons with mobility disabilities, including disabled veterans, can access needed services and participate fully and independently in their communities.

  • Prohibiting insurance companies from denying or cancelling insurance policies because a person is a member of the military, or when a service member is deployed or on active duty.

Prepared by Bill Hanna, UVC Legislative Liaison
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 303-906-3340
August, 2014




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